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Our Process

Pool Cleaning Procedure

Casual & regular pool cleaning & maintenance service Filter, pump & leak repairs

Supply & installation of:
      • automatic cleaners
      • pumps
      • automatic chlorinators
      • filters
      • chemicals
      • pool accessories
      • Specialist in treatment of neglected pools
Just because winter has arriced doesn’t mean your pool should be forgotten till summer.
Our following procedure will help maintain your pool in good order and condition for winter and ensure it is ready for use when the warm weather returns.
        • Backwash filter and clean with a recognised filter cleaner and degreaser in necessary
        • Ensure that skimmer baskets and lint pot are free of debris
        • Lubricate all „O“ rings
        • Maintain Alkalinity and Ph levels at optimum balance
        • Add long life algaecide designed for winter use (Winteriser)
        • Adjuster timeclocks to run approx 4hrs/ day – say 10 pm to 2 am to minimise power costs
        • Salt pools need to have cells cleaned and maintained plus salt levels maintained at required levels
        • Check chlorine and pH levels every 2 weeks, empty skimmer baskets regularly, check water level, check filter and backwash as required, check for any leaks or problems.
        • Turning off pumps and filters for winter is false economy as pools can go green/black, water balance is eliminated and the cost of cleaning and re-estabishing your pool to a healthy standard can be quite expensive
Why use Bradley’s Pool Service?
          • If the above schedule is too much for you, we will do it all for you on a regular service cycle
          • We provide a high standard of care
          • Our technican is well trained
          • We are reliable, we come to your premises on the day promised or the time nominated
          • We don’t take short cuts, we carry out the complete service that is necessary to maintain your pool in good order and condition
          • We add and supply all chemicals as required
          • We take pride in providing you with a healthy and safe swimming enviroment
          • We will advise you immediately of any impending problems before they become serious
Other services provided in addition to pool servicing
          • Empty, pressure clean, acid bath, neutralise and refill pools that are stained or algae affected
          • Paint pools
          • Pressure clean pool surrounds, pathways and driveways